† East African Independent Internet Data Centers & Fiber Optic Networks †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  The East Coast of Africa is dependent on fiber optic sea cables controled by Middle East Arab Nations for an internet connection
The West Coast of Africa and around the Cape Horn is dependent on fiber optic sea cables from Europe. This situation leaves The African Continent vunerable to partial or complete internet disconnection as well as cutting connection to banking networks and foreign exchange payment systems

  There are 15 so-called Tier 1 Domain Name Routers in the world, in theory always connected to each other with no tariffs so the world wide web stays updated in near real time. There are 15 of these servers in the world, 6 in The United States controlling nearly 3 million km of the undersea fibre optic cable of the nearly 5 million km in place. The London Financial District controls 1 T-1 of 800,000km, France has 1 controling 500,000km, Deutsche Telekom has 1 and runs 250,000km, Itally with 1 controlling 560,000km, India with 1 controlling 700,000km of fibre. Uganda would be the perfect location to build and power a world class data center with the equivalent of Tier 1 status, build out African Fibre Optic Networks in all directions for an Independant African Internet that can not betaken offline by foreign powers or multinational telecom corporations

  Independent Internet Connectivity, Archiving and DNS updates could be done through SpaceX's Starlink Sats even if other parts of the world lose service or connectivity. Once established, Uganda will be able to offer low-cost data to its population and across the region with fair profit