† The Zero Emissions Small Ecosystem Footprint Solution to Power Uganda †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  Thorium Molten Salt Thermo Reactors are the fail-safe future of energy. They have the smallest ecological and land use footprint of any energy source. Carbon free electrical power, lowest cost energy.

Proven in the 1960s to be safe, not produce dangerous wastes, and do not require expensive regular refueling.

While there are several companies ready to go, the conventional nuclear industries are making billion$ each year on supplying Uranium fuel pellets and rods, dealing with spent yet still 'hot' rods, and decomissioning old plants. The waste from these conventional nuclear plants provides material for nuclear weapons, which Thorium Mosten Salt Thermo Reactors can not

  These reactors of 75-100 Megawatt/hr steady, reliable output can be transported on a few trucks and assembled onsite in months. 20 of these units placed around the country would more than double Uganda's current power production.

  We are currently reaching out to industry partners about presenting proposals to Ugandan Industrial Leaders.