† Reuse ~ Repurpose ~ Recycle ~ The Profits from Plastic Waste †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  So-called non-biodegradable plastics sequester huge amounts of carbon. With proven high-recovery recycling of plastics and aluminium programs, compiled with front end Reuse and Repurpose programs Ugandans can profit from low-tech methods of 'cracking' mixed plastics into diesel fuel and also form precision moulded plastic brick, fence board, poles, and paving tiles in different colors

  A recycling program similar to what is done with glass bottles where a small deposit is required for each plastic container depending on it's weight and type of plastic to be returned to whoever brings the container in to a recycling center. So the homeless would make a business collecting 100s if not 1000s of tossed plastic containers from the roadsides, from in front of businesses and at community waste dump sites in the urban ghettos where the opportunities to make a good living from eco-enhancing work is perhaps most needed

  Local processing facilities can do so without toxic emissions which so often occur with open burning of plastics along with cleared brush, grasses and cardboard along the roadsides though much less frequently in the farmlands