† Rebuilding Governance and Free Market Prosperity †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  Successful and Prosperous Peoples live in societies where they have the freedom to live as they wish as long as they don't clearly harm or commit crimes against others. Private Property Rights are the basis of freedom, meaning:
  The People own the land, what they build on it, what they grow on it, the animals roving their lands, they have authority over themselves not any King, Communist, Fascist, Dictator, Council of Mulahs or Central State Oligachy

  Most Impoverished Peoples live under Tyranny in the form of Communism, Fascism, Theocracy and/or the Socio-Economic Tyranny of Corrupt Dictators beholding to their former Colonial Masters, IMF-WorldBank Debt and/or Chinese Debt. Where the future wealth of the lands is mortgaged and The State itself facilitates the exploitation of East African labor and resources by bad foreign racist actors with no good intent towards The People of The Soil and Sun

  For Freedom to Prosper, for The People to be vested with the power in a meaningful way, the power of any central government must be very limited and particularly limited for The Executive to prevent the rise of any future dictator. Ugandans need a Republican Representive system in the form of a House of Representatives and an Upper House of Senators that act more as Statesmen and Paliamentarians

  With a Bill of Rights prohibiting the Government from abridging The Peoples Liberty Ugandans can prosper.
The discussions will turn to problem solving and away from politics as remaining government jobs will depend on
  Merit of service and Honesty rather than catering to Museveni's NRM greed for power and brutal control

  Let us start the New Uganda now because The People will overcome soon