† Increase Farm Productivity by 5 Times & Biodiverity by 20 times †

June 4, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  1750 ~ The First Industrial Revolution began with the mechanization of farmimg, rail transportation and machinery for agro and mineral processing using steam engines. The automatic mechanized textile loam was a secret technology of Britain stolen by The United States in the early 1800s and launching the American Industrial Revolution whose Innovators and Inventors had passed Europe's technologies before the 1850s. As farming became much more productive with steam tractors workers filled the expanding factories that paid better than farm work. New industries were created with steamships that could now move goods internationally

  Only a manufacturing explosion in farm mechanization will free millions, mostly women of the backbreaking work of using hoes to work fields. In time Ugandans can produce almost any product they need or desire, reducing imports to very low levels of essential materials or tech. With products like farm equipment and work vehicles, it would be best to partner with a company like Mahindra of India to build factories in Uganda including small engine manufacturing

  With efficient water pumping and storage systems irrigation becomes more common increasing crop growth. With Permasculpture™ systems biodiverity greatly increases so farms grow more kinds of crops reducing losses if one type of crop fails in a particular year. Farmland more closely simulates the CO2 to O2 exchange capacity of natural Tropical Forest and Grasslands. Forest Canopy increases as 100s of millions of trees are planted and in a few years Uganda producing a surplus of timber for building that can exported to timber short countries like Kenya, Rwanda & Tanzania. Valuable species can be brought back from engangered status.