† Manufacturing as The Path To Prosperity and The Seed of Innovation †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  It is in solving manufacturing problems that most innovation and invention are borne. Often it is an employee that sees where quality or quanity can improve or identify bottlenecks in the management or work flow or can see a new use for a technology or process. As more of Uganda's workforce enters higher paying manufacturing, fabricating and assembly work, patentable innovation and invention claims will explode as people solve problems specific to Uganda's unique environments

  Uganda has been a signatory to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) since the 1970s however, seemingly has no office to register trademarks or apply for patents be they utility or design. The data base of Uganda Patents is pathetically thin over the years because it seems the Uganda Government doesn't care about authors' works or their rights

  UGUSA GROUP is looking into the legalities and costs of registering trademarks and patents by International Standards on behalf of Ugandans so perhaps they can take legal action or invoke DMCA notices to webhosts of unapproved content