† Farm to Market Logistics ~ Spoilage Reduction ~ Food Storage Solutions †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  Think of us all as the springs and streams that flow into rivers, and then on to lakes ... or ... each as computers and smartphones connected on the digital network platforms to all others that share all our nearly infinite interests and knowledge of how to fulfill our dreams, individually, as families, as communities, in our associations and societies

  Rather than the expensive and time consuming burden of rural farmers moving surplus abundance to local and urban markets, we have designed innovative farm to market logistics that employ short-distance village collection sites combined with efficient, low-cost pick up vehicles with distribution partners invested in small farmer success

  We can best draw a model from the use of walk-behind tractors and motorcycle trailer use in The Phillipines Tropical Forests and the small 4-wheel farm and land working tractors by Mahindra Group of India

  Food wastage, mostly rot in the markets and stabilization of prices can be achieved by village level canning of meats, vegatables and fruit in glass canning jars, and dried beans, fruits, nuts, and roasted ground coffee in large vacuum sealed aluminum cans. This creates new industries in glass jar and metal canning. Refrigeration in trucks and on farms will be an important factor in keeping fresh produce and meat fresh