† Eliminating Malaria and Disease Spread by Flies †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  In America there was still Malaria until the 1970s in New Jersey and States South. During the warm Spring until early Fall Trucks would "fog" thick clouds of DTT that my cousins and I would hold our breaths and run through.

  However, studying how we fought malaria first to build the Panama Canal then throughout the Western Hemisphere it became clear that window screening, screen doors and screened verandas had as much to do with malaria's demise as pesticides. Houseflies spread many more diseases going from sewers to dead animals to fish to meat hanging in unscreened booths.

  With over 10 million households x windows x vents and 100,000s of business applications, screening Uganda will create 1000s of small businesses and 10,000s of fabrication and installation jobs. Using hardwood frames and innovatve long-life screening materials Uganda can become the leader in reducing insect borne disease in tropical Africa. At least 1000 fabrication shops supporting at least 15,000 jobs to get this done over 10-12 years, greatly reducing disease, saving 10,000s of lives. A healthy people are a more productive and happier people