† Declaring Independence as The Sovereign People of Uganda †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  What is written here applies to all the People of the Human Race, together we have common enemies, both Of This World & Of The Spirit

  We The Sovereign People of Uganda must Declare Independence from all forms Tyranny exemplified by the Dictators since Obote. Cast out The Colonialists, The Communist Chinese, The EU Exploiters, the International Bankers that keep us in debt slavery and help fund Museveni and his Corrupt State Institutions

  We must Declare our God Given and Naturally Gifted Rights to Life, Freedom, and Pursuit of Happiness and Form a Representative Republican Federal Governance with very Limited Powers constrained by a solid Bill of Rights. With a Constitution specifically limiting Executive Branch Powers, Dictators could no longer arise.

  80 years ago and for 1000s of years before, the Tribal Kingdoms and smaller tribes Self-Governed in peace with their neighbors, with few traveling far except the Nomadic Bahima cattle herdsmen. Peaceful Treaties were made with the British that preserved Tribal Kingdoms and Culture

  We begin by each of us Standing in the Light of The Creator against the evils of tyrannical actors on the stage of life