† Farm & Village Clean Piped Water & Reservior Irrigation Systems †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  There exist local solutions to clean drinking water and low-cost reservoir water capture systems that can provide pressure for home, business and efficient irrigation while more wells can immediately improve short-walk access. Waterborne disease will reduce greatly, time spent hauling water by children from dirty ponds, open wells, unmaintained spring pipes and boreholes will disappear. Of most benefit, irrigation can increase yields of food and feed production 200%-500% and tree growth by 50%+

  Simple jerrycan carts can move four to six cans of water quicker and with less effort. A new market that fulfills a real need that 1000s of tradesmen can create businesses from combining their other furniture, carpentry, mechanical engineering, and innovative talent creating 10,000s of well paid private enterprize jobs and even more community good

  We will be expanding on the principles and wholistic applications of regenerative farming, regenerative forestry, watershed management, permaculture, aquaculture and the melding of these disciplines to our Permasculpture™ project planning in the coming days