† Cheetah Population Restoration from zero to thousands †

May 17, 2022 | Mzungu Wine

  It might come as a shock to Ugandans that the once plentiful Cheetah is now extinct in the wild except a few still crossing in from South Sudan

The Museveni Regime has allowed Middle East Royalty to buy and smuggle Uganda's Cheetahs out for pets and pelts

Of the four sub-spieces, the Asiatic Cheetah is extinct in the wild & the last few near death, however, there is a repository of sperm & eggs that can still revive these genetics.

Our Northeast African Cheetah is Endangered with unknown numbers of small populations in South Sudan, Ethiopia, and a significant population in Chad

The Southeast African Cheetah has fragmented ranges with 100s in Kenya and Tanzania, and perhaps as many as 5000 total including large connected ranges in Botswana and Namibia

The Northwest African Cheetah is Critically Endangered with perhaps 500-1000 living in connected range in southern Algeria and Niger.

  What we envision is the establishment of five or more reserves for Impala and Cheetah in Uganda, one large reverve with Tanzania with an agressive breeding programs of all sub-species attracting a wide variety of other indigenous wildlife to these sanctuaries including jaguars, monkees, the return of bird species, and other mammals driven off by traditional cultivation and urbanization.

  Kampala means the City of Impala and Cheetah were common. They are the most docile of large mammals, safe even around toddlers and are more trainable than dogs in all the same ways except threatening or dangerous behavior. Cheetah are only triggered to kill prey as the target leaps away quickly to avoid the Cheetah's sudden and swift attack.

  Biologically wired in, Cheetahs don't know what to do if the potential victim doesn't run for its life. Normally solitary animals, many acclimate very well to domestic life and become wonderful pets even as they hunt and feed in the reserve and some get comfortable traveling and walking harnessed on city streets enjoying the attention from those who don't fear.

  We would like to see the Cheetah become an additional National Symbol, for the world to see Uganda as much for Cheetah as Mountain Gorilla or Chimpanzee or Lion or Giraffe or Zebra or Grey Crested Crane. Tourists could stay on the reverves living amongst the Cheetah, Africanis Bantu dogs with the local friendly villagers eating the best of local cuisine in most exhilarating mile-high tropical equatorial paradise anywhere on Earth.

  Some might even find these beautiful lands, people and culture feel like home so much they will want to stay and enjoy the Pearl of Africa.